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Searchable Knowledge Base

Most questions about LiquidFiles have been asked before, and if you have an issue, there's a strong likelihood that someone else have had the same question or issue.

Please use the Knowledge Base as your first source of support. It's not that we don't want to assist you personally, it's just that the less time we spend answering tickets, the faster we can develop LiquidFiles.

You can search the Knowledge base from various places:

  • You click on the "questions" tab on the right hand side on this page.
  • In the admin interface of the LiquidFiles appliance, click on "Support" in the menubar.
  • You can visit the support site.
  • You can search just below this section.

Online Ticket System

If you can't find your answer in the Knowledge Base or the Forum, or you have something sensitive to ask, like a question about billing. Please open a support ticket.

You can open a support ticket:

  • By filling out the form at the support site at: http://support.liquidfiles.net/.
  • Sending an email to support@liquidfiles.net.
    Please note that sending an email opens a support request, same as filling out the web form. Sending an email will not get you a faster response.

We aim to answer all tickets within one business day. Please bear with us though if it happens to take a little longer once in a while. We've just been pondering your question for just that little bit longer so we have something really clever to say.

User Contributed Forum

There are many companies that use LiquidFiles, just like yours, and we know you like to talk. Whether it be about sharing language files or discuss integration issues with users from other companies, the forum is an excellent source.

Visit the User Forum now.

Feature Requests

There's a separate forum section just for feature requests where you can vote for existing feature requests or submit new ones.

For all major releases (about twice per year) we always try to pick a few of the more popular feature requests. The best way for you to get your favourite feature added is to add it to the forum and get lots of other customers to vote for it.

Support Search Example

Try it out by typing "LDAP" or "firewall" in the search box below.

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